Kabbalah - Cabala - Jewish Mysticism

               Also known as Qabbala or Cabala is an esoteric thought derived from Jewish mysticism in ancient times and transmitted orally by hakhamims and patriarchs. Emerged from the teachings of Torah and became known on 12-13th century.

                Kabbalah according to traditional history come from the dates of Eden (Adam and Eve). Than given by God to Moses on Mount Sinai. According to Kabbalah understanding there are two forms of God, first one is completely unknowable, limitless and transcendent, the second version is the one that can be reached and understood by the human beings.

               There are ten sephirots (Sefirot) in Kabbalaistic theory with which the God may sustain the universe. Keter is on the top of these sephirots and represent the conscious will. Chochmach represent the highest potential of thought that can be reached. Binah is understanding of one's own potential. Daat having intelectual knowledge. Chesed is loving to be kindness. Netzach is accepted as victory.

                The end result of these sephirots in individual understanding is to reach to wisdom. They can be considered as ethical process. Training of human soul has three steps Nefesh is the basic instinct of humans. Ruach is the ability to differentiate the good and the evil and Neshamah if the final of these process and enbale the human to be completely aware of God and his existence. Books on Ancient Aliens and UFOs


Ancient Alien Technology - Vimanas - Ramayana Epic

         In ancient Indian epic Ramayana flying vehicles called "Vimana" is mentioned in many parts of the epic. These flying objects are also descriped and pictured in details. "Aerial cars that are able to go everywhere". A Vimana can vertically ascend and descend. It is able to fly forwards and backwards in a very fast speed. Many characters in the epic use the vimanas.

         In the other famaous epic Mahabharata which mentions war between the gods with deadly weapons. These weapons by some writers are even commented as nuclear. The description of the damage in the epic at first sense seems like a nuclear weapons.

        "Vrishni and Andhaka races for instance are reduced to the ashes after using this weapons. Soldiers escaped to the rivers to save their life from the fire. Farms, houses, animals, people everything were burned as a result of a thunderbolt in the sky". This scenery exactly resembles what had happened in Hiroshima after atomic bomb.

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Dhul-Qarnayn - A Time Traveller

        Although the identification of Dhul Qarnayn is not clear in religious texts, he is the one who was mentioned in Quran - Islamic Holy Book in the verse "Kehf 18/83". In this verse it written that he visited the West and East of the world. In the West he founded the sun set on a muddy sea. According to the theologists the mentioned sea is Atlantic Ocean. And than again in Quran it is mentioned that he met with Moses and together they have travelled. At the beginning of the travel Dhul-Qarnayn warned Moses not to criticize the actions he will do during this travel and Moses promised. However, when Moses witnessed that he killed a child and sinked a ship, he could not prevent asking him the reasons of these.

      And Dhul Qarnanyn replied him that he sink the ship becasue it was followed by a King who was trying to grab the ship I decided to prevent this. Secondly, I have killed the child because when he grew up he could be a bad person who can do bad things to his family. Thirdly I have built the wall in the town becasue under it there was a treasure which was belong to to little boys. I protected the treasure by building the wall. When these boys grew up they can find it and become reach otherwise other people could find the treasure.

     As it was mentioned above Dhul Qarnayn is a person who is able to change the historical stream of the events. Somehow he has information from future and he is trying to prevent some bad things while goiing into the past, to the origin of the events in the future.
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Opus Dei - Praelatura Sanctae Crucis et Operis Dei

              "The Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei" founded in 1928 by Josemaria Escriva. It is a society composed catholic members and aimed to spread the holiness into the life of ordinary people. The mentioned society is officially recognized by the Catholic Church.
                Today the number of the members of Opus Dei is reached up to 90.000 and most of these members are working in higher rank posiitions in their countries even some of them ministers and governors. Actually they function the doctrines of the Catholic Church. They target the ordinary catholics and try to emphasize them the teachings of  the saints. Although it is approved by the Catholic Church on 1950, most members do not announce their membership to the public.

              Was it Illuminati or Freemasons which forced the Catholic Church to form such an organization in fact? As Illuminati is a secret underground society which in the history had problems with the Church itself. And perhaps the ongoing rivalry since the Knights Templars events made the Church to establish this organization in a way to protect itself.
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Theories on Alien Civilizations

        Nowadays many earth-like planets (Kepler 62e; Kepler 62f) are being discovered in the other solar systems by Kepler Space Telescope. These planets are located in "habitable zone" and can consist liquid water at their surfaces with sufficient atmospheric pressure. According to the scientists billions of these planets exist. Habitable zone terms is used to describe "not too hot and not too cold to support life".

       It is actually very obvious that there are many other planets which are able to host life and probably the intelligent life. Only in our galaxy there are millions of solar systems which have their habitable zones and planets which may consist an alien civilization.

     The nearest of this alien life can even be close to us like 12 light years. In the following years more these earth like planets will be discovered and one day finally we will come across with an alien civilization on a different planet.

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Knights Templar - The Templars and Freemasons

     With the beginning of the crusades for Holy Land the term Knights Templar entered into the scene of the history, they were mostly the fighting units with white mantles and red cross. At first they were officially recognized by the Church.

    When the Crusaders captured Jerusalem and started to govern the Holy Land, the "Templars" begun to be more and more stronger both in military and financial matters. It is also claimed that in Jerusalem they seized the secret esoteric information and begun to implement different ceremonies and initiations out of Christianity. Like accepting and praying the god called Baphomet. In the following years however they were banned by the Church, and at the end of the Crusades all Templars lose their power, declined and dissappeared or said to be changed their organization under different underground names like Freemasonry and other secret societies like Illuminati.

     It is claimed that when the Templiers spent time in Holy Land, Jerusalem, they came across with different knowledge from ancient Egypt including the some pagan practises and Kabbalah and these have changed their vision from "poor soldiers of Christ" to "rich and powerful soldiers of Baphomet".


The Hidden Kingdom - Shambhala

           Shambhala, according to the Tibetan Theology,  is a hidden kingdom underground located in today's Himalayas. The name Shambhala can be translated as "the land of peace". According to Helena Blavatsky who has written the Secret Doctrine, it is kind of network of underground cities with different exit locations.

         Today, there are arguments that the world is actually governed by this underground kingdom. Shambhala is considered as a secret society which evolved thousands years ago in the lost civilization called Lemuria. The society which forms Shambhala came from Lemuria (Mu) continent just before the Great Disaster which caused whole continent to sink under the ocean. Interestingly today, there are some remnants and buildings which support this theory. Located southeast of Japan, divers have found giant buildings and pyramids under the ocean which was built thousands years ago. All the theology and technology than transfered to Tibet from Lemuria which had a connection to the sea at that time.

      The religion in Mu had a single god, the sun god, which had the all powers and the authority. This belief has spread to Tibet as a result of the disaster and by the people who could escape from Mu. And Shambhala is believed to be the continuation of this belief and culture which has root in Mu religion and technology.