Kabbalah - Cabala - Jewish Mysticism

               Also known as Qabbala or Cabala is an esoteric thought derived from Jewish mysticism in ancient times and transmitted orally by hakhamims and patriarchs. Emerged from the teachings of Torah and became known on 12-13th century.

                Kabbalah according to traditional history come from the dates of Eden (Adam and Eve). Than given by God to Moses on Mount Sinai. According to Kabbalah understanding there are two forms of God, first one is completely unknowable, limitless and transcendent, the second version is the one that can be reached and understood by the human beings.

               There are ten sephirots (Sefirot) in Kabbalaistic theory with which the God may sustain the universe. Keter is on the top of these sephirots and represent the conscious will. Chochmach represent the highest potential of thought that can be reached. Binah is understanding of one's own potential. Daat having intelectual knowledge. Chesed is loving to be kindness. Netzach is accepted as victory.

                The end result of these sephirots in individual understanding is to reach to wisdom. They can be considered as ethical process. Training of human soul has three steps Nefesh is the basic instinct of humans. Ruach is the ability to differentiate the good and the evil and Neshamah if the final of these process and enbale the human to be completely aware of God and his existence. Books on Ancient Aliens and UFOs