UFOs Explained

                Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) is still one of the most popular subjects in the world. Still there is no satisfying explanation for them. Most people including the writers the UFOs are coming from outside of the Earth not only in modern times, according to them UFOs visited us also in ancient times.

                When you check the written books, articles and internet you may come across with many proofs, also photos and videos. The most famous of them is the Egyptian hieroglyphs. There you may see the depictions of modern aircrafts and helicopters. Pyramids themselves is another unexplained mystery. The questions who, when and how built them is still on the air. According to some articles these pyramids have been constructed by alien technology and they simply map to Orion constellation. Interestingly the shape of the pyramids resembles the Orion's Belt. (Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka).

                In addition to these Nazca Lines is another unexplained mystreries. The Lines are located in Nazca desert, Peru. Beside the lines they also include some figures like monkey, spider, pelican, dog which can only be seen from air. The lines simply look like the take-off lines of today's airports. Some figures have 270 metres length and whole the mentioned area is nearly 500 square kilometres.

                More samples on these interesting buildings or figures can be written. The important thing here is Were all these monuments, figures, cities made by ancient aliens? or Were there developped human civilizations in ancient times and we have all forgotten that the main builders of all these unexplained structures were human beings?

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Theories on New World Order and Illuminati

                 It is always claimed that "Illuminati" aims to form a "global government" which is ruled by the so called group of elites. Both terms are derived from the ancient history actually. After being founded by Adam Weishaupt , Illuminati - "the enlightened"  supported the scientific methods and knowledge for the explanation of the running of the universe and nature.

                 Illuminati today is working hard to achieve its goal. They can be seen in any parts of the ordinary people's life. On movies, ads, music albums...many actors and singers are also associated with them. The most known symbol of them is the "all seeing eye". This sysmbol is now the logo of many famous brands and television channels and even commercial companies today.




Nibiru - Planet X - Comet ISON

        The planet Nibiru was first mentioned in Sumerian texts. It was the home planet of Anunnaki. According to Sumerians there was a planet called Tiamat between the Mars and Jupiter. Once Nibiru entered to the solar system one of its moon has been clashed with Tiamat and destroyed the whole planet. One part of Timat has became as Earth and the remaining part has formed the asteroid belt and the Moon.

       Because of its wide elliptic orbit it enters into our solar system per 3.600 years. While this passage it can cause some natural disasters like volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and polar shifts. Some historians claim the sunk of Atlantis and Mu continents into the ocean has resulted during these passages. Apart from Nibiru, today "Elenin" and "Comet Ison" are the ones which may enter into the solar system and possibly hit the earth.

      Astronomers on the other hand reject the theory of Nibiru which is claimed to repeat its passage around 2900 AD. They claim such a big object even if out of the solar system could be seen with naked eye or it should had a kind of effect on the orbits of the planets so far. 


The Lost Continent - Lemuria - Mu

             According to James Churchward, in ancient times nearly 50.000 years ago there was a civilization - Mu -  with an advanced technology on a large continent in today's pacific ocean. With its population of nearly 64.000.000, it was the first homeland of human beings. Their religion was depended on a single god - sun god - which had supreme authority, and the Mu religion concept is accepted to be the foundation for modern religions and great civilizations like Egypt, China, Greece, Maya and Aztec. The religion concept of Mu has been transfered in Naacal tablets in Tibet to the new world and the way of life can be find in Mahatmas, The Book of Dzyan  which afterwards laid foundations for the The Secret Doctrine by Helena Blavatsky. The concept of sun god of Egypt- Ra - also comes from the mentioned Lemurian religion.

           The unwritten history of mankind therefore can be more understandable by the books and ideas of above mentioned writers. It is very obivous that in ancient times there were civilizations which maybe much more advanced than ours. As a result of natural disasters, or wars between each other all these civilization has been destroyed and forgotten. Firstly with Sumeria we learn humankind begun to its adventure in civilization, however, some people as mentioned above claim that the civilization on the earth had begun much more before Sumers and Egypt.

Who are the Reptilians? Reptilians on Earth

                Reptilians were the Anunnaki who have visited the earth thousands years ago. This serpent race has ruled the humans and created many civilizations. The effects of this race which came from the planet Nibiru and historically called as fallen angels or the sons of the gods can be seen even today.

               In Egypt, for instance" these reptilians are mostly known as "Ra" or "Osiris". The famous concept "all seeing eye" derives from Egypt. In Maya its name became as "Quetzalcoatl"  or "serpent of wisdom". In China (dragons) and Greek mythology the signals of serpent gods can also be seen.

               Actually, the reptilian god mentioned above in different civilization was not a single entity, instead they were a group consisted of hundreds officers and workers whose aim was to obtain gold for their damaged atmosphere of the planet Nibiru. The thing is when their mission completed some of them decided to stay and help in the advancing of the homo sapiens which they created by genetic engineering for thier mining works. Many struggles and war had happened between them because some of them did not want to deal with the earth anymore. They thought the human sapiens to be wild and backward entities and tried to terminate them totally before leaving to their own planet. On the other hand, the part of this group who were on the sides of the humans decided to protect them from thier counterparts and they enlightened the human beings.

          David Icke also specifies the connection between the reptiles and today's famous royal families. He claims that the reptilians still prepare and function the worldwide conspiracies.

          Zecharia Sitchin, additionally, mentions that the Anunnaki today still live among us in different shapes and in different organizations in order to rule and manipulate the humans.

            Therefore the history of homo sapiens and their civilizations on the Earth had begun. The Reptilians teached them basics of the civilization firstly like agriculture, building shelters, writing, storage and than mathematics, astronomy, arts, music.... In Sumerian texts and paintings one can see a perfect drawing of solar system including all planet, even Neptun and Pluto with their satellites. The Sumerians called themselves black-headed people in their own language. This term was given to them by Anunnaki who created them by playing with DNA of homo erectus and by the combination of reptile DNA with them.


Time Travel : Is it Realy Possible

               Following the Einsteins's time-space theory and famous formula E=mc2; it became very obvious that the time is relative. A man travelling with faster than light in space can be seen younger than his grandfather when he returns back to the Earth in theory "twin paradox". As we know there can be worm holes in space which shortens the distance between the galaxies. There are many scientists in the world who study the "time travel" concept. There is also another paradox called "grandfather paradox" in which a man travels bak to the past and kills his own grandfather and prevents his father's born. Actually, this paradox opens the door to the theory of "parallel universes". If there is an alternative universe therefore when grandfather paradox occured an alternative universe will become with different outcomes. Click here for more details on this theory. 

               According to the theorists going to back in the time is easier than to go to future. Supposing all activities in the universe is somehow recorded, there must be a way to rewind this record and go back to the past.

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Ancient Aliens? or Ancient Humans?

                  Since Erich Von Daniken's book " Chariots of the Gods" the visitings of Alien on the earth became very popular. Some points and comments of him were really interesting actually. Especially comments on the Nazca Lines, Aztec and Mayan cities. And additioanally, the Pyramids in Egypt. In the Pyramids one can see the use of some technology like the "light" depicted on the walls.

                   Were these structures built by Aliens (Ancient Astronauts) or these are the remnants of a lost civilization of earth like Atlantis or Lemuria?  There are vey different point of views regarding this subject. One side defends the alien intervention both in evolution of human itself and its technology, the other side specifies that all these tsructures have been buşlt by human themselves which lived thousands years ago in Atlantis or Lemuria and destroyed with a natural disaster like polar shift.

                   The earth until now has come across with many changes. The continental movements change the geographical shape of the planet. Once Europe as complete continent was under oceans, with the help of the dynamics of the earth it became a solid land. India's main location was exactly near today's Madagaskar. In million years it came towards Asia and the combination of the two continents formed the Himalayas.

                   The north pole as well always changed its location due to regular polar shifts. During ice age the glaciers could be seen in north America and Alpes in Europe. Our planet is very dynamic and during these changes it may harm the civilizations on it.



Atlantis : The Lost Civilization Fiction or Real?

            Atlantis was first mentioned in Plato's Critias, located in the west of the Strait of Gibraltar in the Atlantic Ocean. The rise of the mentioned civilization was around 10.000 years ago and it was really highly advanced one.

             In many places in the earth, there are many archeological findings which could not be explained according to the today's technology. For some scientists there were global disasters which ended human civilization many times. Atlantis according to many of them is one of these civilizations. It was not only located in the Atlantic Ocean as Plato stated but also with its colonies it was sperad in South and North America, Asia, Anatolia and India.They were the starting point of the Mayan and Aztec civilizations in Mexico and South America.

             "The Secret Doctrine" which was written by Helena Blavatsky mentioned the Atlanteans as Fourth Root race before the Aryan Race which was Fifth Rooth Race. This concept brings a new dimension on the written history. Can the civilization on the Earth be evolved not 4000 years but 900.000 year ago?

Sodom and Gomorrah - Book of Genesis

                Two cities in Mesopotamia have been destroyed with a nuke. This event at first instance seems like it had been in modern times however it had happened in thousand years ago.

                The rivalry between the two gods "Enki" and "Enlil" resulted in total destruction of the two cities and also the Sumarian civilization. After the creation of the homo sapiens, Enki aimed to develop the sons's of Adam and Eve and teach them the civilization. And Enlil objected to this and the first fight resulted in removal of all from Aden.

                According to Enki "homo sapiens" worth to be trained. He showed them the sciences like agriculture, construction, arts, music, maths, weaponry. The first signs of these developments could be seen in Mesopotamia, Sumeria. The first settled cities like Eridu and Uruk have been founded. And the whole civilization begun to be spreaded from the land between two rivers. At first all region was fertile, agriculture was being done with irrigation channels. Nice buldings and city projects could also be seen in these cities. Followign the Ur and Uruk, the other cities Ur, Nippur, Kish and Larsa followed them.

            Sodom and Gomorroh, on the other hand, were the cities again founded by man later than Sumerian cities. Both of them were near the Dead Sea. Here it was Enlil who was dissappointed with the people living in these cities. They were rude, fighting and killing each other. They were the ones who must be terminated. These were the people of Lut. One night he was warned by Enki that the cities will be terminated and he should escape fastly. Lut listened to Enki as Noah did the same during the Flood mentioned in the Genesis.

          And both of the cities after his run had been destroyed and there was noone alive after this destruction. The structure of the destruction was atomic bomb which had effected the area severely and radioactive dust also caused the end of Sumerian Civilziation in the East.

History of the Earth : Who are the Anunnaki? Anunnaki and Nibiru Connection

                 "The Fallen Angels" according to Zecharia Sitchin are the extraterrestrial race who came from the Planet Nibiru to find "gold" for their damaged atmosphere. They came and created homo sapiens to labor them in their mines in Africa. According to the Sumerians "Nibiru" sometimes called as "Marduk" or "Elenin" is the twelfth planet in our solar system. Because of the structure of its orbit, per 3600 years it enters into the solar system and cause global disasters.

                And the "Anunnaki" are the residents of this planet. The first arrivals were the workers and some officers. As the time passes they resisted against long working hours in the mines and "homo erectus" became a solution for harsh labor. By genetic engineering the Anunnaki has developed homo erectus into homo sapiens.

             Therefore the mythological characters like Enki, Ishtar, Ea...have flourished in Sumerian and Babylonians texts. Today when scientists see the tablets they notice detailed version of the solar system, with correct images of the planets numbering twelve. Sumerians at that time had been able to construct the map of solar system with every details. Mesopotamia, which is in modern Iraq,  became the starting point of civilization. Writing, maths, arts, geogarphy, commerce, construction and much more sciences were first seen in this area. "The land between two rivers", Mesopotamia, with its modern cities like Ur, Uruk, Eridu were the land in which "homo sapiesn" started to live as an organized manner. And this could happen with the intervention of Anunnaki to the history of the earth and evolution of the man living on it.

             In many ancient texts of Sumerians and Babylonians a refences to these "gods" can be seen. "Epic of Gilgamesh" is the most famaous ones of those text. It shortly mentions the rivalries between the gods who have superior powers and abilities. And later all these characters could be visible in Greek mtyhology. Zeus, Apollon, Athena all these gods had super natural powers and were able to shape the earth with hese powers. Indian famous epic "Mahabharata" also mentions a great war between these gods who can use horrible weapons even like "nuclear" power. The gods in this epic were using flying objects called "Vimanas".

          All these were the results of the visiting of Anunnaki from the planet Nibiru to the Earth, nearly 450.000 years ago. They were first settled in South Africa to obtain gold. And then created homo sapiens to continue to this mining.

          As the time passes the number of these aliens called Anunnaki had increased together with the number of the homo sapiens. Towards the end there had been disagreement between these gods whether to help and train the homo sapiens to survive on the earth or let them to their own fate or even to terminate them completely:


         Enki and Enlil who were the sons of the Sumerian god "Anu" have played the leading roles of the mentioned rivalry. Enki was on the side of the homo sapiens, he aimed to transfer the "Tree of Knowledge" to them, on the other hand Enlil was not happy with Enki's activities who was helping "Adam" and "Eve" living in "Aden" to find the secret fruit.


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