Ancient Alien Technology - Vimanas - Ramayana Epic

         In ancient Indian epic Ramayana flying vehicles called "Vimana" is mentioned in many parts of the epic. These flying objects are also descriped and pictured in details. "Aerial cars that are able to go everywhere". A Vimana can vertically ascend and descend. It is able to fly forwards and backwards in a very fast speed. Many characters in the epic use the vimanas.

         In the other famaous epic Mahabharata which mentions war between the gods with deadly weapons. These weapons by some writers are even commented as nuclear. The description of the damage in the epic at first sense seems like a nuclear weapons.

        "Vrishni and Andhaka races for instance are reduced to the ashes after using this weapons. Soldiers escaped to the rivers to save their life from the fire. Farms, houses, animals, people everything were burned as a result of a thunderbolt in the sky". This scenery exactly resembles what had happened in Hiroshima after atomic bomb.

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