Knights Templar - The Templars and Freemasons

     With the beginning of the crusades for Holy Land the term Knights Templar entered into the scene of the history, they were mostly the fighting units with white mantles and red cross. At first they were officially recognized by the Church.

    When the Crusaders captured Jerusalem and started to govern the Holy Land, the "Templars" begun to be more and more stronger both in military and financial matters. It is also claimed that in Jerusalem they seized the secret esoteric information and begun to implement different ceremonies and initiations out of Christianity. Like accepting and praying the god called Baphomet. In the following years however they were banned by the Church, and at the end of the Crusades all Templars lose their power, declined and dissappeared or said to be changed their organization under different underground names like Freemasonry and other secret societies like Illuminati.

     It is claimed that when the Templiers spent time in Holy Land, Jerusalem, they came across with different knowledge from ancient Egypt including the some pagan practises and Kabbalah and these have changed their vision from "poor soldiers of Christ" to "rich and powerful soldiers of Baphomet".