Sodom and Gomorrah - Book of Genesis

                Two cities in Mesopotamia have been destroyed with a nuke. This event at first instance seems like it had been in modern times however it had happened in thousand years ago.

                The rivalry between the two gods "Enki" and "Enlil" resulted in total destruction of the two cities and also the Sumarian civilization. After the creation of the homo sapiens, Enki aimed to develop the sons's of Adam and Eve and teach them the civilization. And Enlil objected to this and the first fight resulted in removal of all from Aden.

                According to Enki "homo sapiens" worth to be trained. He showed them the sciences like agriculture, construction, arts, music, maths, weaponry. The first signs of these developments could be seen in Mesopotamia, Sumeria. The first settled cities like Eridu and Uruk have been founded. And the whole civilization begun to be spreaded from the land between two rivers. At first all region was fertile, agriculture was being done with irrigation channels. Nice buldings and city projects could also be seen in these cities. Followign the Ur and Uruk, the other cities Ur, Nippur, Kish and Larsa followed them.

            Sodom and Gomorroh, on the other hand, were the cities again founded by man later than Sumerian cities. Both of them were near the Dead Sea. Here it was Enlil who was dissappointed with the people living in these cities. They were rude, fighting and killing each other. They were the ones who must be terminated. These were the people of Lut. One night he was warned by Enki that the cities will be terminated and he should escape fastly. Lut listened to Enki as Noah did the same during the Flood mentioned in the Genesis.

          And both of the cities after his run had been destroyed and there was noone alive after this destruction. The structure of the destruction was atomic bomb which had effected the area severely and radioactive dust also caused the end of Sumerian Civilziation in the East.