UFOs Explained

                Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) is still one of the most popular subjects in the world. Still there is no satisfying explanation for them. Most people including the writers the UFOs are coming from outside of the Earth not only in modern times, according to them UFOs visited us also in ancient times.

                When you check the written books, articles and internet you may come across with many proofs, also photos and videos. The most famous of them is the Egyptian hieroglyphs. There you may see the depictions of modern aircrafts and helicopters. Pyramids themselves is another unexplained mystery. The questions who, when and how built them is still on the air. According to some articles these pyramids have been constructed by alien technology and they simply map to Orion constellation. Interestingly the shape of the pyramids resembles the Orion's Belt. (Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka).

                In addition to these Nazca Lines is another unexplained mystreries. The Lines are located in Nazca desert, Peru. Beside the lines they also include some figures like monkey, spider, pelican, dog which can only be seen from air. The lines simply look like the take-off lines of today's airports. Some figures have 270 metres length and whole the mentioned area is nearly 500 square kilometres.

                More samples on these interesting buildings or figures can be written. The important thing here is Were all these monuments, figures, cities made by ancient aliens? or Were there developped human civilizations in ancient times and we have all forgotten that the main builders of all these unexplained structures were human beings?

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