Time Travel : Is it Realy Possible

               Following the Einsteins's time-space theory and famous formula E=mc2; it became very obvious that the time is relative. A man travelling with faster than light in space can be seen younger than his grandfather when he returns back to the Earth in theory "twin paradox". As we know there can be worm holes in space which shortens the distance between the galaxies. There are many scientists in the world who study the "time travel" concept. There is also another paradox called "grandfather paradox" in which a man travels bak to the past and kills his own grandfather and prevents his father's born. Actually, this paradox opens the door to the theory of "parallel universes". If there is an alternative universe therefore when grandfather paradox occured an alternative universe will become with different outcomes. Click here for more details on this theory. 

               According to the theorists going to back in the time is easier than to go to future. Supposing all activities in the universe is somehow recorded, there must be a way to rewind this record and go back to the past.

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