The Lost Continent - Lemuria - Mu

             According to James Churchward, in ancient times nearly 50.000 years ago there was a civilization - Mu -  with an advanced technology on a large continent in today's pacific ocean. With its population of nearly 64.000.000, it was the first homeland of human beings. Their religion was depended on a single god - sun god - which had supreme authority, and the Mu religion concept is accepted to be the foundation for modern religions and great civilizations like Egypt, China, Greece, Maya and Aztec. The religion concept of Mu has been transfered in Naacal tablets in Tibet to the new world and the way of life can be find in Mahatmas, The Book of Dzyan  which afterwards laid foundations for the The Secret Doctrine by Helena Blavatsky. The concept of sun god of Egypt- Ra - also comes from the mentioned Lemurian religion.

           The unwritten history of mankind therefore can be more understandable by the books and ideas of above mentioned writers. It is very obivous that in ancient times there were civilizations which maybe much more advanced than ours. As a result of natural disasters, or wars between each other all these civilization has been destroyed and forgotten. Firstly with Sumeria we learn humankind begun to its adventure in civilization, however, some people as mentioned above claim that the civilization on the earth had begun much more before Sumers and Egypt.