An Interesting Story of the Earth - Anunnaki and Sumeria Connection

        In ancient times much before the written history, a giant planet Nibiru with its satellites entered into the solar system. In that time, a planet called Tiamat has collided with one of these satellites and the consequence of this was dissolution of Tiamat into Earth and asteroid belt. Each 3600 years Nibiru enters into our solar system and cause earthwide disasters including pole shift.

         There was a highly advanced civilization on Nibiru, with their king Anu. This planet’s atmosphere was damaged by Sun’s ultraviolet rays and they need gold to spread it into their atmosphere in particles therefore to re-construct the atmosphere.

        Anu, the King, finally found the gold on Earth and sent Enki to mine gold and bring back to Nibiru. Enki, first of all installed a headquarter in Mesopotamia, Sippar and started to the gold mission. As the time passes another Nibiru officer Enlil arrived to Earth to fasten the process.

         Enki afterwards came to South Africa to establish new gold mines with larger deposits. In these mines at first workers of Anunnaki from Nibiru were doing the mining job, however, after long time they started to complaint and rebelled.

       Enki at the end accepted to develop a prototype to work in mining instead of Anunnakis. And finaly he succeded to create a slave laborer, Adamu. While doing this Anunnaki have mixed their own DNA with primitive being living on the Earth.

      On the other hand Enlil was not that happy with the developments. He completely opposed to this idea and each time recommend to clear all Anunnaki-likes while during the chaos when Nibiru comes again.

      Enki decided to save the Adamu and warned them and enabled them to build a ship with the seeds of all animals and plants on the Earth to survive after the flood and the chaos. Whereas Enlil, Enki was in favour of the Adamu and aimed to civilize and develop them with all knowledge and technology of Anunnaki.

        Following the flood the space port or headquarters had been transfered from Sippar to Sinai.

       And in the following years as a result of the rivalries between the Anunnaki the Sinai port had been nuked and effected all the region including the civilization in Sumeria to descend.