Ancient UFO and Alien Drawings

       The first drawing is from in North Africa, Sahara Desert, Tassili, dated 6000 B.C. At first the clothes on the drawings claimed to be weared to be protected from sand storms, however, 8000 years ago North Africa was fertile region with moderate climate. In addition, on the right corner one disc shape flying object (ufo)can also be seen.

      Second,  In Uzbekistan, Fergana Valley, another drawing has been found. In this drawings an ancient astronaut can be seen, and on his top a also flying object.

      In Italy, Camonica, dated back to 10.000 B.C. Two aliens can be seen wearing clothes resembling to the astronauts and carrying some weapon type device at their hands.

      Lolladoff Plate found in Nepal dated 4000 years. A disc type ufo in this stone plate can easily be seen. Also on this plate a grey alien was also pictured.

     Fifth, an ancient astronaut figure found in Ecuador. The clothes and devices depicted in these figures are very similar to that of modern astronauts.