The Greys vs Reptilians


Author: Joseph Ante

Humans are naturally peaceful and non-violent. This is our natural temperament and nature. It is only with great effort that humans are made to turn violent and harm others. The positive and negative type of alien contact with humans are the primary reason for all violence in the world today. Negative aliens have used the Earth as a mine for gold and copper in the past. But today the main reason for contact is emotional energy. The negative aliens use human emotional and psyche energy as a drug because they are so unemotional and cold by nature. The intense negative emotions of anger and hate generate large amounts of this human emotional energy as does sexual human energy. And so often negative aliens will influence humans to violence, wars, and increased sexual activity to generate the human energy which is addictive to them.

The negative aliens of the past were called demons and today they are called Reptilians. The positive aliens we call the Grey's today. The Grey's are a very spiritual culture that reside on the Ethereal Plane and have delayed their stay in the lower worlds to complete individual spiritual perfection. Currently they know only a collective spiritual consciousness because they are collectively telepathic.

The Reptilians would have us believe they reside on the physical plane but they do not. They reside on the Astral plane just above the Physical Earth plane of existence. Both the positive and negative aliens are equally beneficial to mankind. Both positive and negative is needed to provide the motivation and experiences of human life. Both are necessary alien teachers today which provides the environment in which we live.

The Grey's are now uplifting humanity with many inventions and ideas that are implanted into the collective human psyche. Much of the total control of the reptilians is being neutralized as humans gain more direct control over their own actions. This is all a divine plan for mankind to teach man the lessons of both the positive and the negative aspects of existence. Both positive and negative are of equal value and importance.

As the Reptilians and the Grey's "fight" one another for control of the minds and hearts of humanity they also gain much in learning and experience which they need to know themselves and God. So all those concerned grow in experiences and spirit as the dance of the positive and the negative plays out in our lower worlds.

Peace and War are the opposite poles of the positive and the negative experiences of man. Both are easily achieved by alien intervention. But the deciding factor is human desire or will. When the collective human desires are weighed for peace then peace reigns. And when the collective human desires for war are greater wars erupt. It is our own individual and collective emotional and psychic votes for peace or war that result in the outer reality of life. It is our own news medias that drums us into a frenzy for wars or peace.

The angelic kingdom is the main referee and neutral decider of events for this human alien interplay of life. They grant that which they deem the greatest benefit to mankind or whichever the collective mind of mankind favors.

Of the two states war has benefited mankind most in the past. In war peoples fill the churches with a search for spiritual answers and contact with God. But in peace humans are full of consumerism and greed and turn to worldly pursuits. So think not so poorly of the negative aspects of war and violence for they teach mankind well and motivate souls to turn their attention to God and Spirit. The play of life is this positive and negative dance of existence which gives mankind the soul experiences of life.

In times past the religions of the day knew many ways to limit contact with the negative demons. The bronze church bells were the primary means of disrupting the demonic influences over humans. But today modern churches have replaced their ancient bronze bells with recorded music which has no effect. It is the actual expansive sound wave form of a circular bell that can disrupt this psychic and emotions connection of the reptilians.

Without the creativity of the Grey's and the industry of the Reptilians mankind would still be eating fruits from the trees and picking fleas from each others backsides and spiritual matters would never come to our attentions. Most all inventions and written literature and performed art is the result of the Grey alien contact today. Most all government, military, and social organizations are the result of Reptilian influences. Humans have much to be thankful for in this dual alien contest and interplay of wills upon the surface of the Earth.

Today the Reptilians must evolve to a more balanced human hybrid in order to experience the drug of human emotions to which they have become addicted. The Grey's are evolving human-hybrid bodies of individual spiritual perfection instead of a single spiritual collective Grey consciousness. And Earth's humanity is evolving to govern itself and know direct spiritual contact with God. All of God's children are evolving and learning in the interplay of life and existence. So think not good or evil of life for we all receive that which is most needed for us to progress and learn in our time. If you seek respite from life's illusions and the play of good and evil go within to Spirit and God. Shalom.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/philosophy-articles/peace-and-war-the-alien-agendas-by-je-ante-2261894.html

About the Author

J.E. Ante, Graduate University of Indianapolis BA 1972, Head of the Life Science Institute Health Library, original organizer of first Earth Day in 1970 and local ZPG chapter in Indiana, Population and Environment Editor with Reflector at Indianapolis University, 12yr organic gardener with fruit, nuts, and berries, lifelong student of Out-of-Body spiritual techniques.( http://www.articlesbase.com/authors/joseph-ante/201241.htm )